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Business Services


Timely, efficient bookkeeping services are available for businesses of all sizes. Computerized accounts are prepared, saved and presented for client review on a quarterly, monthly, and/or annual basis. Budgeting and forecasting support are also available. We support all major accounting programs including Quickbooks.

Incorporation/business Formation

Starting a business and getting all the correct paperwork in place can be a tricky process. Our experienced professionals have the knowledge to help navigate this process with ease. Let us help get your next business started off in the right direction.

Payroll Services

We have been providing total payroll services for small business clients for many years. Using the powerful ADP platform, our payroll services include set up and maintenance of all records, time card tabulations, withholdings of tax and benefit contributions, Federal and State tax filings, issuance of checks and preparation of all W-2’s and 1099 forms.

Tax Services

Individual Tax Services

One of our core specialties is the preparation of tax returns for individuals. We have helped thousands of clients achieve their maximum refund. Our services include but are not limited to filing Amended Tax Returns, Self-Employed Taxes, Assistance with ITIN, IRS Identity Theft Process and Transcript Requests.

Business Tax Returns

Small business tax return preparation and filing instructions is another core specialty of ours. Whether your company is a C corporation, S Corp, Limited Liability Company, Partnership or Sole Proprietor a properly prepared tax return can be filed to minimize the tax owed. Empire tax has helped hundreds of small businesses file both Federal and State tax returns including both service and manufacturing companies.

Tax Resolution

Resolving complex issues is where we shine. There are many steps that are often involved with this process. This includes tax planning and tax forecasting services for individual and small business clients. Effective tax minimization begins with long-term tax strategizing to establish overall objectives and is maintained with conscientious and consistent annual tax forecasting and mid-year tax planning.

Non-Profit Services

Form Preparation & Filing

We have experience filing all forms necessary for a non-profit organization to be successful. Tax exemption status, incorporation, and IRS Form 990 are some of our most common preparations. Let us put our experience to work for your non-profit so you can focus on bettering our community.

Charitable Solicitations Registration

Keeping your fundraising initiatives legal and compliant is crucial to keeping your organization out of legal trouble. Our experts are here to ensure you file all the necessary paperwork in order to register your organization properly and ensure your fundraising activities are well within the legal requirements.

Notary Services

We provide the following document services:

1. Administering Oaths & Taking Acknowledgements
2. Affidavits & Jurat Certificates
3. Electronic I-9 Services
4. Loan Signing Agent Services
5. Legal Document Preparation, Power of Attorney & Tatoo Permission Forms

Other Services

Obtain Taxpayer Identification

Need to obtain a tax identification number? Our experts can help make this process quick and easy. Don’t stress over finding and filling the correct paperwork, we can help ensure everything gets completed correctly.

Tax Audit Defense

Want to prepare yourself and take every step possible to prevent a possible tax audit? Empire tax can help. Our Tax Audit Defense service was created to help you rest without the worry of a future tax audit.

ID Theft Restoration

Identity theft can be a very tough thing to recover from. Our experts have seen this unfortunate situation many times. Let us help you reclaim your life and get back to a place of security and normalcy.

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